• APCO
    Supporting Partner

    The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a not for profit organisation leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia. Our vision is a packaging value chain that collaborates to keep packaging materials out of landfill and retains the maximum value of the materials, energy and labour within the local economy.

    We work with governments, businesses and other organisations from across Australia’s large and complex packaging value chain to develop the insights, resources and programs that are needed to build a sustainable national packaging ecosystem. This includes facilitating the delivery of Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets, an important step on the pathway to a circular economy.

    All of our work is underpinned by the Collective Impact Framework, a powerful cross-sector collaboration tool that unites a diverse range of stakeholders from across the value chain behind our common vision. We deliver this model of shared responsibility through the promotion of circular packaging design, working to improve collection and recycling systems and education, and expanding markets for used packaging.

    Supporting Partner

    SEMMA is the peak industry association representing over 200 leading manufacturing companies located in Melbourne’s South East region.

    We advocate for good government policy and decision making to assist in keeping manufacturing viable in a global context.

    As a professional association, it is our business to know everything manufacturing. This means we are familiar with changes that effect industry performance, opportunities and challenges faced by our members day in, day out. We share this intelligence for the benefit of members to give them the greatest chance of ongoing success.

    At SEMMA, we also recognise the importance of manufacturing to the community at large, which is why we want all members to be high achievers. High performing manufacturers results in the industry continuing to be a powerhouse of economic development for the region. Why is this important you may ask? Because studies have revealed that in manufacturing, for every $1 million in new or retained output, up to 6-10 equivalent full time (EFT) jobs are provided*. Therefore, the multiplier effects from the growth of any one manufacturer has the potential to positively impact your business, and as long as the industry is succeeding, then win-wins are experienced all around.